Previous Programs and Events
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Dianne Steinhauser, Executive Director, The Transportation Authority of Marin: “The State of Transportation in Marin” (58)

Larry Reed 2016-17 Marin County Civil Grand Jury and Gary Phillips, Mayor, City of San Rafael: “Addressing Unfunded Employee Pensions- A Major Challenge for Local Government in Marin” (70)

Professor Lynn Ingram, U.C. Berkeley -“A History of Climate Change in California and the West” (43)

Paul Cohen and Kevin Krick:  “Republicans and Democrats – The State of Politics in Marin” (47)

“The Future of Marin: A Candid Conversation with Dick Spotswood” (72)


Gordon Feller: ” Autonomous Vehicles/Telecommuting” (57)

Rodoni and Grossi:  “Candidate Forum – District 4″  (66)

Supervisor Damon Connolly: ” Word from the County”  (42)

Dawna Gallagher-Stroeh “Fluoridation: Drinking Water Safe? ”  (42)

Linda Pfeifer, Former Sausalito City Councilmember: “The New Transparency:What Residents Should Demand of Local Government” (46)

Chance Cutrano and John Hart: “The Threat to and Future of Ranching in West Marin” (57)

Mary Jane Burke (Superintendent of Schools) and Diana Conti ( President College of Marin Board of Trustees) “The College of Marin and the Marin County School Districts.” (40)

Matthew Hymel, County Administrator: “A 5-Year Overview of the County of Marin Revenue Sources, Risks and Programs Planned” (49)

Linda M. Jackson and Bob Silvestri “Housing Issues in Marin” (63)

Mike Arnold “An Update on SMART” (56)


Paul Premo and Bruce Raful: “Pros and Con’s of the $12 Parcel Tax for Bay Restoration.” (71)

Clayton Smith: “Long Term Effects of Drought in the West.” (55)

Supervisor Damon Connolly and Nadine Muller (Grand Jury): “Grand Jury Reports and the County’s Reaction.” (54)

Assemblymember Marc Levine: “An Update from Sacramento.” (70)

Steve Lockett (CEO, Marin Economic Forum) and Andrea Taylor (Environmental Forum of Marin). “Economic and Environmental Predictions for 2016.” (49)

Michael Barker (Marin Theater Co.), Charles Brousse (Sr. Theater Critic, PacSun) and Kristen Madsen (Director Creative Sonoma): “The Role of Art in Quality of Life and How it is Funded.” (39)

Stephanie Moulton-Peters (Chair, TAM) and David Schonbrunn ( “Transportation & Traffic: What is Being Done to solve the Problem?” (64)

Caroline Peattie (ED Marin Fair Housing) and Doug Kelly (San Anselmo City councilmember and critic of AFFH): “HUD’s Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Regulations and What They Mean for Marin.” (70)

Supervisor Steve Kinsey (MTC Rep) and Pat Eklund (Novato Mayor Pro Tem & ABAG rep): “Plan Bay Area 2017.” (119)


Damon Connolly (Chair Marin Energy Authority): “Marin Clean Energy – An Update” (52)

MMWD Board Candidate Forum with Liza Cross and Larry Bragman (72)

David Harris (Viet Nam Activist/Author): “Democracy in America” (58)

Mike Arnold (Economist, SMART critic) and Jerry Peters (Friends of SMART): “SMART Train Discussion” (74)

Tom Peters (CEO Marin Community Foundation): Update about MCF, funding, purpose and programs. (81)

Bill Monnet (CSPP) and Roland Katz (MAPE): Discussion on Pension Reform. (115)

Justin Derby (real estate specialist, WRA) and Ian Wren (SF Baykeepers): “Mitigation Banking – Effective Means to Offset Development?” (62)

Keene Simonds (ED –LAFCO) and Trish Cypher (author, speaker): “LAFCO and JPA’s – Growth and Transparency in Marin” (49)

Cio Hernandez (Marin Co. Health and Human Services) and David Escobar (Aide to Supervisor Kinsey): “Health and Wellness – From Indigenous to Current Perspectives – Minority Issues in Marin” (38)

Jim Phelps (engineer, MCE critic): “A Critics Point of View of Marin Clean Energy” (42)


Adam Scow (Campaign Director, CA Food & Water Watch): “Dangers and Consequences of Fracking.” (27)

Marc Levine (CA State Assemblyman): “State of the State Budget.” (28)

John Goodwin (Public Information Officer MTC): All about MTC. (29)

Dick Spotswood (Marin IJ Political Columnist): Talking about upcoming elections and issues. (54)

Representatives from Marin Symphony, Marin Society of Artists and Marin Theater: “Culture In Marin.” (27)

Paul Cohen (Chair DCCM) and Kevin Krick (Chair Marin GOP): “State of Politics in Marin.” (45)

Krishna Kumar (GM of MMWD) and Chris DeGabriele (GM of NMWD): “Water, Drought, Desalination.” (63)

Kevin Haroff (Attorney): “CEQA Under Siege – The Move to Streamline the CEQA Planning Process.” (72)

Jim Phelps (engineer, MCE critic): “A Critics Point of View of Marin Clean Energy.” (48)

Brad Breithaupt and Robert Sterling (Marin IJ editors): “The IJ and Media in Marin.” (49)


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